Services and other products

Masor Works Oy has developed wide range of services along the years, some examples:

  • Weld training
  • Project management and documentation
  • Lifting equipment inspections
  • Project planning and drawings
  • Harness inspections
  • ETC.

One of our major points for the coming years is continuous R&D, which has brought to life a new generation surveillance system MasorControl, which is also patented. Please take a closer look at this system and please contact us for more info.

Sami Kyssä

Project Engineer / HSE

Project management and HSE.

Tel: +358 505 691 788



Masor Control

MasorControl is a low cost, easy to use wireless monitoring solution that fits your needs. MasorControl can be used for a wide range of purposes – your imagination is the limit. Take a closer look at the system, click the picture.


Radiation protection

Radiation protection is our own project from start to finish. We will be handling the manufacturing from start to finish including the installation. Also documentation will be handled by us, so it’s a complete pack for our customer. More information coming in the future. Hang on tight.


Yearly check of lifting equipment

Yearly inspections for lifting equipment is a necessity for safe working. We have trained personnel to take care of this matter, we also provide our customer this service if needed. Contact us for help.