Electrical automation is part of monitoring the changes all the time.

Maintaining electrical safety requires regular monitoring of regulatory changes. Masor Works Oy is a reliable partner for industrial and real estate electrical works. Contact us, so we can implement the electrical works professionally and safely.

Electrical works and automation:

  • Electrical works up to 20kW
  • Transformer maintenance and analyses
  • Heat filming
  • Lead of use
  • Installation supervision
  • Modernizing

Real estate electrical works and automation:

Real estate automation is an indispensable part of modernity. Projects of this type can be used to optimize consumption and to adjust the maintaining to be easier. This results as savings in short term.

  • Installations and maintenance
  • Fault installations with certified parts
  • Modernizing

Janne Korpilahti

Project Engineer

Electrical works.

Puh: +358 504 860 127