Masor Works Oy was found in 2009 and is located at Nokia Pirkanmaa.

Our experience in this field continues backwards over 30 years.

The constant development of the world and the ability to stay in the wheel requires constant movement. Masor Works Oy is a provider of modern industrial services, whose management and workers the long road has taught. We remain in the process of development and want to help our customers with a modern and comprehensive service.

The company’s strength lies within the staff’s decades of experience in industrial maintenance and installation works. We carry out a certified quality and safety system in our work to achieve the desired outcome on a scheduled, safe and high-quality basis.

We measure customer satisfaction annually. The results guide our operations and support our promise of service that works. Why not try it, how it feels to get excellent service? Whether you are building a nuclear power plant or installing a single device for your project, please contact us.